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Having trouble with your dentures breaking? It’s not because it was made incorrectly. Acrylic resin used to make your dentures is fragile and can easily break due to shock. Even chewing can cause micro-shocks that wear down this resin.

FiBER FORCE® can help keep your dentures from breaking with a strong and comfortable fibre reinforcement system. This system is placed on an upper or lower denture during repairs. FiBER FORCE® is made up of specially-treated E glass fibres coated in resin which bonds to the acrylic resin of your dentures.

FiBER FORCE® is strongly recommended for those with:

  • Dentures that fit well, but still break
  • Upper dentures and lower natural teeth
  • Thin dentures
  • A proclivity to bite hard
  • Removable, implant-supported dentures

For more information on FiBER FORCE®, download the FiBER FORCE® patient brochure (PDF) or product brochure (PDF). You can also check out our frequently asked questions section to read some of the common questions patients have about FiBER FORCE®.


Ivoclar Vivadent® Phonares II Teeth

Ivoclar Vivadent Phonares II is a top quality prosthetic teeth brand. It consists of Nano-Hybrid Composite (NHC) teeth that are hardened to a level comparable with traditional porcelain dentures, but at a much more competitive price. The NHC material is strong and has excellent wear resistance.

Diamond D®

Diamond D® is a type of acrylic used in dentures. It has the right translucency to mimic the colour variations found in natural teeth. This acrylic is strong and can stand up to a lot of impact. It bonds well to denture teeth.

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