Frequently Asked Questions About Your Dentures

General Denture Questions

Q: What are immediate or surgical dentures?

A: Immediate or surgical dentures are made before your existing natural teeth are extracted and then inserted immediately after extractions are completed by your dentist or oral surgeon.

Many choose immediate or surgical dentures because it allows them to adapt more quickly to wearing dentures. Furthermore, you can avoid the embarrassment of not having teeth during the healing phase. These types of dentures may also help control bleeding and swelling after surgery by acting as a type of splint.

Since your gums continue to shrink during the healing period, temporary lines are used to help maintain the fit of your immediate or surgical denture. The healing phase may take about 6 months after extractions.

Once your gums have stabilized, the immediate denture will need to be fitted with a permanent reline for a proper fit.

Q: What are conventional dentures?

A: Conventional dentures are made without the need of implants or some stabilizing component. These types of dentures lack the variability and asymmetry that is found in natural teeth, giving them a typical “denture look.”

Meanwhile, a cosmetic denture setup uses denture teeth that were made with multiple layers to mimic your natural teeth’s structure and appearance. Through this method we can make sure the size, colour, and arrangement of your teeth are right for you.

Q: What are partial dentures?

A: When you have only one or more teeth missing, partial dentures are used. Partial dentures are often more secure than full dentures because they are held in place by clasps, implants, or some other attachment designed to fit the partial to your natural teeth.

A partial denture can be made of acrylic or with a metal framework. We weigh your options to find the type of design and material that fit your teeth best.

Q: What are implant borne dentures?

A: An implant borne denture is a denture that using a dental implant to hold it in place. Implant dentures can be removable or fixed, depending on the number and size of your implants. Usually, implants are used to help stabilize the lower denture, making it easier to eat and talk.

Implant borne dentures is highly recommended for those with compromised ridges since there is not enough support for traditional dentures. Without support, your dentures may move around and cause irritation.

Questions About FIBER FORCE®

Q: What is FiBER FORCE®?

A: FiBER FORCE® is a fibre mesh that is custom-made and then bonded to the middle of an upper or lower denture. This fibre mesh is strong, yet lightweight. It is virtually invisible and adds no weight or thickness to the denture. A denture with a FiBER FORCE® layer is more than 300% stronger than conventional acrylic dentures.

Q: When do you most need a FiBER FORCE® denture?

A: FiBER FORCE® is strongly recommended when:

  1. Your dentures fit well and you’re still breaking them
  2. You tend to bite hard
  3. You have an upper denture and still have your natural teeth in the lower jaw

Q: How expensive is FiBER FORCE® dentures?

A: FiBER FORCE® isn’t very expensive and only adds a small amount to your overall denture costs. It’s worth investing in FiBER FORCE® to increase your dentures’ comfort and strength.

Q: Why do dentures break?

A: The acrylic resin in dentures is fragile and easily fractures if dropped. On a daily basis, denture base resin deals with various stresses that cause cracks and breakage. As a result denture repair is a frequent occurrence.

When dentures are repaired using current methods, they do not often regain their original strength. However, fibre resin denture repair like FiBER FORCE® reinforces the denture, making it up to 58% stronger than your dentures were originally and 166% stronger than fragile dentures only repaired using acrylic.

If you have any more questions about dentures or the products we use like FiBER FORCE®, please contact Premium Care Denture Centre in Calgary.

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