Denture Relines Calgary for a Comfortable Fit

Over the course of time, the bones and tissues of your mouth change. And, if you wear dentures, this can cause them to loosen. Denture Relines calgary are one way to ensure your dentures stay in shape and style. Dentures require a tight fit against your gums, and relining the base of your dentures allows them to adjust according to the changes in your mouth

Denture Relines Calgary types  and functions

There are two types of relines: hard denture relines and soft denture relines.

Hard relines are recommended for a period of every two years and provides maximum hold. Meanwhile, soft relines are for those people with tender gums that cannot sustain or hold hard relining.

The main requirement for your relined dentures is that every other normal denture that has not been relined will not have the same durability. Relining the dentures from time to time is going to give a better support to the teeth that are standing strong.

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