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At Premium Care Denture Centre, we provide denture repairs. Dentures may need repairing for a number of reasons including fracture or loss of a denture tooth, fracture of the denture base, loose sealant, chipped denture tooth, and some other similar scenario. We know that accidents can happen and when it does come by, you are going to have a great deal of help with the Denture Repairs Calgary work that we do. That’s why we accommodate denture emergencies as well as make room in our schedule for same day and after hour repairs.

A Better Denture Repair Southwest Calgary Option

FiBER FORCE® uses a state-of-the-art. Lightweight fibre mesh to make acrylic dentures 58% stronger. Traditionally, when dentures would break, your denturist would repair the denture using an acrylic resin. While this fix works for many, an acrylic-only repair is much weaker than the Denture repair southwest calgary technique would have been otherwise. FiBER FORCE® fixes this problem by providing a repair that is nearly twice as strong and durable as acrylic-based repair methods.

The acrylic based repairing denture implantation method can easily be incorporated by just placing them with a small surgical process. The patient does not have to be sedated heavily. In fact, you are barely going to feel a thing while the process is being done and after it as well. The process is easy to carry out and only local anaesthesia is applied to the mouth or gum. Trust your denturist as he or she will know the best for you.

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